Out of Competition

Opening ceremony / Closing ceremony

Premieres and shorts

This is a motley selection guided by the beating hearts of our programmers. After a particular year darkened by you-know-what, we wanted to use the festival’s energy to accompany films we adored. From directors’ first steps to more identified filmmakers, fun and style are to be found in each of these works.

— Natacha Seweryn

Arthur Rambo

de Laurent Cantet


de Andrea Arnold


de Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Promises Les Promesses

de Thomas Kruithof

Madeleine Collins

de Antoine Barraud

Programme of short films

Ayo Nene

de Daouda Diakhaté

Le Roi David

de Lila Pinell

Birthday Screenings

Through their films, these directors have marked and built the festival’s identity over 10 years. What do we dream of at ten? Certainly a party with our friends and girl/boyfriends. On our birthday, we offer our audience brand new films from not-so-old directors served with candles for dessert. From the first Contrebande laureate, who has since then participated in the Directors’ Fortnight, to the directors of the FIFIB trailers with their latest films, we wish ourselves a very happy birthday!

— Johanna Caraire

We Nous

de Alice Diop

Perfect Boyfriend Petit ami parfait

de Kaori Kinoshita et Alain Della Negra

Programme of short films

Petit coeur

de Selim Bentounes


de Virgil Vernier

Musique et cinéma

The sacred sound
Close your eyelids, bring your hands together
and say: One
Observe what happens.
If you prefer saying Rone or Para One, indulge yourself.
You are in the right place.
Para One and Rone meet in harmony and that's such
a good thing. They will be our Music & Cinema selection’s
special guests, the programme that opens the
most reluctant chakras
and breaks the cinephile fever.
Screenings, concerts, masterclasses...
A comprehensive fitness program.

— Johanna Caraire


de Naïla Guiguet

Spectre (Sanity, Madness and the Family)

de Para One (Jean-Baptiste de Laubier)

Masterclass Jacques Audiard & Rone

Rencontre Jacques Audiard & Rone

Rencontre Jacques Audiard & Rone

Carte blanche à l'ACID

The ACID was created in 1992 and started tackling issues related to the distribution of films, as well as their inequalities in exposure and access very early on. The organisation’s members champion the inclusion of independent cinema in local cultural actions. The FIFIB supports the action of the ACID by showing three films from this year’s Cannes selection.

— Natacha Seweryn

Ghost Song

de Nicolas Peduzzi

Soy Libre

de Laure Portier

Séance spéciale

Carte Blanche FRAC

Carte Blanche FRAC

Projections 3IS

Projections 3IS

FIFIB Création - NAFW


de Thomas Ducastel

Locked Out Confinés dehors

de Julien Goudichaud


de Giulia Grossmann